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Nepal Life's 21st Anniversary

4 May 2021

Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. celebrates its 21 years of operations

Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited has entered its 21st year after completing 20 years of its establishment. The Company was established on 21st April, 2058 BS, it has been continuously providing excellent service to the insured and the service recipients. By extending the reach of insurance to remote parts of the country and reducing the financial burden on people's lives, we have succeeded in putting a smile on the face of the common man and putting ointment on the pain, today we have succeeded in becoming the most successful and best life insurance company in the country.

In a statement issued by the company, the company said in a statement that it was "extremely grateful" that the country was in the throes of a catastrophic crisis. 

On the occasion of the 21st anniversary, Chief Executive Officer Santosh Prasai expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the esteemed regulatory bodies, board of directors, shareholders and others for their constant faith in bringing us to this height and for always giving us proper guidance. On this occasion, he also thanked our esteemed insurers who continue to trust and rely on the company, all the agents who work day and night to extend the service of Nepal Life and all the employees who have worked hard and diligently for the greater good of the company. At a time when the whole world is being affected by the Corona virus epidemic, he urged all to adopt restraint and adopt the necessary lifestyle by adopting health standards keeping in view the safety and health of themselves, their families, society and the whole.

Chief Executive Officer Santosh Prasai looks forward to the continued support, goodwill and guidance of all in the days to come. He also pledged that the company would spare no effort to provide simple life insurance services in the event of an outbreak of the corona virus.

Timely Nepal Life has been providing technology-friendly services. Nepal Life's premiums can be paid at any time from anywhere through various digital payment systems and digital wallets. Nepal Life's premium digital wallets can be paid online through e-services, wallets, Connect IPS, Phone Pay, IME Pay and Prabhu Pay.

With a market share of about one-third, the company has proven to be strong in every field of life insurance. The highest investment in the company is Rs. 111.47 billion while the highest life insurance fund was Rs. 101.28 billion and the highest shareholder fund was Rs. 8 billion 850 million. The highest paid up capital of the company is Rs. 7.19 billion and the highest market capitalization is over Rs. 1 billion.

This company has the highest partial term payment of Rs. 11.98 billion, the highest full term payment of Rs. 9.77 billion and the highest death claim of more than Rs. 3.73 billion has already been paid. The company has more than 1,76,043 highly trained agents. The company is providing all life insurance related services to its clients and customers through its current 200 branches and sub-branches spread across the country. The company has so far insured 2,882,342 people including foreign employment. Keeping in view the interest of the customers, the company has expressed its commitment to modify and refine the services and facilities as per the needs of the time.