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Nepal Life Naulo Keta Keti Jeevan Beema Yojana

Nepal Life- Naulo Ketaketi Jeevan Beema Yojana

Description of product

Nepal Life-Naulo Keta-Keti Jeevan Beema Yojana is a participating/with-profits children’s endowment plan. It provides annual simple reversionary bonuses, which are vested once declared. 

This product offers the following benefits:

  • In case of death before commencement of risk, refund of premiums will be paid.
  • In case of death after commencement of risk but before maturity, 25% of basic sum assured will be paid at the time of child’s death and 75% of basic sum assured plus accrued bonus till death of the child with prescribed interest will be paid at maturity.
  • At maturity of policy, basic sum assured with accrued bonus will be paid to the insured. 

Commencement of Risk:

Insurance/risk coverage of the Child will commence 2 years after the date of commencement or from the policy anniversary falling immediately after the completion of 7 years of child, whichever is later. However, if the age at entry of the child is greater than 7 years, then the risk coverage will commence from the policy anniversary following completion of age 10 of the child. 

To comply with the product development guidelines, there are tighter financial underwriting that the Company has to observe:

  • When insuring a child, the insurer should insure all the insurable minor children of the proposer with the same sum assured.
  • The total cumulative sum assured of child/children policy should be within the limit of Rs.5 million. When the proposer wants to do more than that, insurance should be done in such a way that the total cumulative sum insured of child/children policy is equal to the total sum assured of the proposer’s policy.
  • When insuring children, financial underwriting is to be done to ensure that the proposer should be able to pay the premium financially till the expiration date of the insurance period of the child/children and in case of big insurance, he should be able to continue his insurance as well.



Entry age

1 year to 17 years

Maturity age

Min: 18 years, Max: 47 Years

Policy Term

5 years to 30 years, depending on minimum maturity age

Sum Assured

Minimum Sum Assured: NRs.100,000

Maximum Sum Assured: Depends on source of income of proposer

Premium payment mode

Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly

Death Benefits

As above

Maturity  Benefits

Sum Assured plus Accrued Bonus

Early Surrender

A surrender value is payable only after the completion of the 3 full policy year and 3 full annual premiums payments


















Additional Riders available in this products are:

The following additional riders are offered to policyholders with additional premiums under this plan:

Premium Waiver Benefit (PWB):

This is a rider benefit which offers waiver of future premiums on occurrence of death and permanent total disability (PTD) of the policyholder’s proposer, in exchange with additional premium.

Monthly Income Benefit (MIB):

This is a rider benefit which offers protection on occurrence of death policyholder’s proposer, in exchange with additional premium. In case of death of the policyholder’s proposer during the premium term, 1% percentage of sum assured is payable monthly during the term of the policy or the child completing age of 18years, whichever is earlier.

Child Risk Cover Extra (CRCE):

This is a rider benefit which guarantees the child’s risk commencement will be at maximum 2 years after the date of commencement, irrespective to the conditions stated, in exchange with additional premium.

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