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Cashback upto Rs. 1000 for Premium Payment through eSewa, Khalti & Prabhu Pay


Is your premium due date closing? Do you aim to pay your premium at your comfort?

Premium payments need to be done regularly to keep your policy active. When your policy is active, you stay covered from uncertainties. Nepal Life urges all their policyholders to stay indoors with the pandemic and risk of being COVID infected. Ensuring the safety of our policyholders, we have partnered with payment platforms to make premium payments online.

To urge online premium payments cashback of up to Rs. 1,000 will be provided to the policyholders. For now, the cashback is available for eSewa and Khalti users, and Nepal Life aims to add its other payment partners for more digital and safe payment options.

Why pay Nepal Life Insurance Premium Online?

  • You are making payments for yourself and your financial objectives.
  • You are credible to receive cashback up to Rs. 1,000.
  • You are reducing the risk of infection.

Terms and Conditions

  • Cashback ceiling has been maintained up to Rs. 1,000 only.
  • For cashback, premium payment needs to be done through eSewa, Khalti or Prabhu Pay.
  • Premium Payment has to be made within seven days from the premium due date.

Cashback will be settled on the next day.

For your queries, you can contact us on 9851312003/ 9802332003.