New Term Life Insurance is one of the unique products which make provision for the family of the Assured in the event of early death .To cover high risk in low premium is the specialty of this product. If a person has taken loan from Bank/Finance and insured under this plan the liability against his loan would be borne by the related insurance company.

Features of New Term Life Insurance:

  1. In this plan we have 5,10,15,20,25 and 30 years of Term.
  2. Minimum S.A is 1,00,000/- and maximum S.A depends upon the income source of the life to be assured.
  3. Minimum entry age is 18 yrs and maximum entry age is 60 yrs.
  4. The mode of payment is either yearly or half yearly .
  5. 5% rebates on premium for above 1000000 Sum Assured .
  6. Riders are not applicable in this plan.

*. Under this Plan Full S.A. payable in case of Death of Life to be assured on Inforce policy.


First Policy Issue Date : 2011-07-04

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