Every parent spuns dreams for better education marriage and successful life for their offsprings. In this context, Nepal Life Insurance Company for the first time in the Insurance Industry of the country, launched a product with the sole aim of providing a tool of having risk coverage of life of child and making future provision for the education, marriage and financial support for the wards of aspiring parents. The salient features of plan are:

  1. Policy can be issued on the life of just-born child till age of eleven, proposed by either of the parent.
  2. The risk on the life of child to start after comletion of 7 years of age of child,if his her age is below 7.
  3. In case of child who has completed his age 8 or 9 the risk shall commence from age 10.
  4. Minimum Sum Assured Rs. 100,000 and maximum Rs. 50,00,000.
  5. The term of this policy is 19 minus age of child at commencement of policy.
  6. Maturty age 19 year of child(fixed)
  7. The policy vests in the child at 18 years of age.
  8. Policy premium frequency:Either yearly, Half Yearly or quarterly with certain conditions.
  9. Premium waiver Benefit available on the life of proposer(either of parent only)with extra payment.
  10. Surrender as per condition but no loan available.
  11. No accident benefit available on the life of child.
  12. Policy participates in profits.


   First Policy Issue Date : 2003-02-01

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