This plan is most popular form of life assurance. It makes provision for the family of the Assured in the event of early death, as also assures a lump sum amount at a desired age. The amount assured, if not paid by reason of earlier death, becomes payable at the end of the endowment term.

If the payment of premiums is discontinued after at least three years’ premiums have been paid, a paid up policy of an amount bearing the same proportion to the sum assured as the numbers of premiums actually paid bears to the number stipulated for in the policy, will be automatically secured. Such reduced paid up policy will not be entitled to participate in the profits declared thereafter.

Features of Jeevan Jyoti:

Plan Name: Jeevan Jyoti Plan
Term Of returning of Sum Assured: After Maturity of the Policy or assurance early death.
Maximum Plan Term: 30 years
Minimum Plan Term: 10 Years
Entry Age Level : 11 Years
Maximum Age Level : 60 Years
Minimum Sum Assured: 50,000/-
Maximum Sum Assured : According to the imcome of the assurance.
Accidental Benefit : ADB/PWB/PTD Available for Age at entry 16 years and above.
Loan : Policy Being running for at least 1 year for Single Premium mode and after 2 yearly premium payment for other mode.


Premium Paid Term
Terms Of Policy in Years:  10  15  20  25  30
Premium Paying Term in Years  1/5  1/5/10  1/5/10/15  1/5/10/15/20  1/5/10/15/20/25


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