The plan is specially designed Endowment product to cover the wide range of risk for our social communities of Nepal:

The insured amount (sum assured) together with bonus is payable on maturity date and full insured amount (sum assured) again payable on death of life assured after maturity.

  1. In case of death before maturity date under inforce policy, the insured amount (sum assured) and whatever bonus declared is payable.
  2. insured amount (sum assured) is payable in case of death of the policy holder after maturity of policy term.
  3. Minimum insured amount (sum assured) is Rs. 100,000 and no limit for maximum insured amount (sum assured) depending upon the income source of the proposer.
  4. Minimum entry age is 16 yrs and maximum entry age is 65 yrs.
  5. Minimum term is 5 yrs and maximum term is 54 yrs or maximum age of 70 yrs which ever is earlier.
  6. The mode of payment is either yearly, half yearly or quarterly.

First Policy Issue Date : 2006-06-28

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